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"The concept of Mortgages for Women is that all mortgages are advised and supported by women for women''

Why Mortgages for Women? The number of mortgages taken out by single women has in fact more than doubled over the past 20 years (according to a report by the Halifax). It has also been reported that 50% of the UK's wealth has come from female businesses and investments. It is a known fact that there are now more professional women than ever before, more single women (with regards single parents and those choosing to stay single) than ever before and that the female population in general is treated with more equality than ever before.

At Allegiance Mortgages (Mortgages for Women's parent company) there has been a demand from many of our clients to be advised by and supported by, a female mortgage broker. This trend is also reflected within many other industries such as medicine, transport and law. We have had very positive feedback on this woman-to-woman service and felt that the best way forward was to establish a branch to the business that offered services for women so that we could support this growing demand.

Therefore, where requested, all mortgages are advised, supported and administered by females. On many occasions it is the wife who organises the family finances and property and they may also feel more at ease dealing with the same gender, so Mortgages for Women is not strictly aimed at 'single' females but any female in the UK and overseas who feels that they would benefit more by dealing with a female broker or adviser.

We are more than happy to work around our clients busy schedules and family commitments so we will make every effort to contact you at times that are convenient to you. As much as possible we will attempt to travel to you, but this is not always possible depending on the location of the client. If we cannot come to you, it does not alter the level of service that you will receive.

Mortgages for Women specialise in:
Residential Mortgages and Re-Mortgages  
Investment (Buy to Let) mortgages and re-mortgages  
Equity Release  
Overseas mortgages  
Secured and Un-Secured Loans, bridging loans, car finance  
Non Regulated Insurance  
Conveyancing services  

Mortgages for women aims to offer a service to it's clients that is professional, honest and reliable. With access to over 7,000 different mortgage products on the market, many at exclusive rates that are not available on the high street, we aim to give our clients an all round package so that they do not have to go elsewhere for other services. You find the property, we will do the rest. Not only that, when we take on a client, we take them on for life so that they do not have to worry about their mortgage requirements again. Once we find you the right scheme to suit your needs, we ensure that you stay on a competitive scheme for the rest of your mortgage life.

Our mission statement is to offer a professional service that over the term of your mortgage will save you money.

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